Your personal guide to the sun and moon.


Built for professionals.

Everything you need at your fingertips to plan ahead or adapt to changing conditions in real-time.

Photo & Video

Plan the perfect shot with the perfect light, or adapt to real-time conditions on-the-fly.

Architecture, Real Estate, Landscaping

Visualize sunlight and shade throughout the year for any site.

PV Industry

Preview solstice & equinox paths and view horizon obstructions.

All the Details

Golden hour & blue hour times, moon phases, super moons, milky way center visbility, and much, much more.

Collaborate with Colleagues and Clients

Share locations, screenshots, and data.

Comprehensive Video Tutorials

From our partners at BlueHour Photo Ventures

YouTube: Sun Surveyor Video Tutorials Vimeo: Sun Surveyor Video Tutorials


The best sun and moon guide, designed for you.

Powerful prediction and visualization tools wrapped in an easy to use interface, with great support.

  • Live View - Augmented reality puts you in the center of a sun, moon and milky way path simulator.
  • Interactive Map - Sun and moon overlays, distance and elevation calculations, shadows.
  • Street View - Explore and plan near and far with 360° interactive panoramas.
  • 3D Compass - Get your bearings instantly with a unique perspective.
  • Photo Opportunities - Get inspired with dates and times of upcoming photogenic events.

iPhone® and Android™ Screenshots

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