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The 2013 OSU Solar Vehicle Team and Sun Surveyor

I received email from the Oregon State University Solar Vehicle Team co-founder, Hai-Yue Han, who mentioned that Sun Surveyor had a small role in their 2013 Formula Sun Grand Prix 1st place win!

This was thrilling to hear. The 3-day race involves solar vehicles from various teams competing to complete the most laps around the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX, solely using solar power. Each day involved a driving phase, and charging phases in the morning and evening, where teams attempt to locate their vehicles strategically to receive the most solar energy. Hai-Yue used the app to determine whether the vehicle would be obstructed at any point during the charging, by observing the sun’s path in the Augmented Reality view.

OSU Solar Vehicle Team 2013 First Place
OSU Solar Vehicle Team 2013 Vehicle

"In a race where we won with 661 laps, with the 2nd place car at 660 laps, Sun Surveyor definitely made a large contribution. We crossed the finish line with 12% SOC (state of charge) left, and Sun Surveyor probably bought us at least that much over the 3 days of morning/evening charging (having a light pole across your array is not what you want!). Without Sun Surveyor, we probably wouldn’t have won.

I definitely saw other teams that got obstructed by light poles at a place where our team was thinking of setting up, and because of Sun Surveyor, I told our team to move our car to a different location and they were puzzled until I showed them the AR camera with the projected sun path!" – Hai-Yue Han

This goes way beyond the scope of what I imagined the app being used for, and to me it’s funny that Hai-Yue originally emailed me to tell me that the Lite version of the app doesn’t do a good enough job of selling the full version, and mentioned the win almost in passing!

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