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Latest Updates – October 26th, 2013

Feature Update – Location Import/Export/Edit: both iOS and Android versions of Sun Surveyor can now import KML placemarks (from .kml and .kmz files). KML is most widely known for being the data format used with Google Earth; locations can be imported into Google Earth, or imported into the app from a Google Earth export. Locations can also be interchangeable with other apps which work with KML.

In addition, a long-missing ability to edit location names and notes has been added. The name and notes are exported when a location is exported.

Finally, when exporting screenshots or data from the app, a .kml file is now provided as well.

It’s taken a while, but I’m glad to finally provide the ability for Sun Surveyor users to share locations with each other, backup locations, and interoperate with Google Earth, or other apps which use KML.

Gallery Additions: There’s a beautiful German castle from long-time gallery contributor, app-tester and feature-suggester Niel Hayes. Tonny Shih from Shanghai has provided some intriguing examples of his moon photography featuring aircraft. Walter Calahan (instagram)
has submitted a beautiful no-crop 1000mm moon shot. Michal Kroužel, who provided the Czech translation, and is a photographer who covers mountain climbers, submitted some photos from an adventurous trip to Nepal.

Previous submissions included the shot of the Breakwater Lighthouse from Maine photographer Jim Dugan, two wonderful photos of Spanish beaches from UK photographer Steve Purcell, and a sunrise shot at Red Rock Dawlish from Rory Rayton.